Radio Box- Lexan w/ Screw on Lid

Item ZK3104

Lexan radio box for large nitro and gas applications.

Designed for use between 5 inch rail spacing.

Features screw on lid. Stainless nuts press into hex holes in the underside
of the box for securely holding the thumb screws.

Silicone gasket for leak proof seal.

Opening is about 114 x 140 mm  Depth is 60 mm.

Excellent for use in mono hulls with rear exhaust.

Suitable for any boat with 5 inch rails.

Overall measurements are 184 x 159 x 64.


Plastic radio box 
2- Pro style pushrod seals with mounts
Anodized aluminum knurled thumb screws
Clear 1/8 inch thick Lexan lid

 Weight is 11 ounces with lid.


Replacement radio box lid for our ZK3104 Lexan radio box.

Item ZK3102

Made from clear 1/8 inch High Impact PETG plastic.

Direct replacement for the original.

Includes 1 radio box lid.

Note: Lid is shipped with protective film on both sides. Remove before use.


Thumb Screws- Replacement

Item ZK3103

Thumb screws o replace missing screws on our ZK3104 radio box.

These purple anodized aluminum thumb screws are a direct replacement for that one you lost in the grass last weekend.

Pack of 8 screws. $10

or $1.50 each