Length: 46 inches

Beam: 17 inches

Engine: Gas w/5 inch mounts

Radio: 2 Channel Surface

The VBox was designed specifically for sport use or racing.

Not legal for racing in the crackerbox class, due to its vee bottom. It can be raced in the mono class.

Featuring a deep vee bottom, the VBox handles rough water, and turns better than any other type of crackerbox.

The kit includes:

CNC cut 1/8 birch for bulkheads, top, bottom and side sheeting

CNC cut 1/8 birch radio box

CNC cut 1/4 inch marine ply engine rails

CNC cut 1/16 ply radio box top

CNC cut Building jig

Basswood for stringers

Comprehensive, step by step illustrated building instructions

Finishing, setup and running instructions


Stock number 7403


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