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 Stryker ll Hydro whith Cowl



With a totally redesign of the top and bottom this is sure to be a hit.

With a Length is 44.5 inches (1130mm)             and a Beam 23 inches (584mm)

it can handle any power you can put in it.

F- 41 Stryker Cat
 Our flagship boat design specifically
for gas motors and has been a top runner in all local and national events.

The most run cat in the industry.
With a length of 41"(1041mm) and

a width of  17.5" (444mm)

It can handle the corners as well as the




 New Stryker Y6 Mono

The Stryker Y6 Mono is strong,                         Fast and Able.           

Cornering is a Breeze! 

Made of Polyester, C.S.M. and Fibreglass cloth with gelcoat exterior.

Makes  for a light fast Mono hull.


Radio boxes


 RCBoatWorks Radio boxes with lip.
Large radio box handles 1/4 scale steering servos with no trouble.

New Lipless Design Radio Box  $52.00

Radio Box with Lid                          $40.00






Paris Cowl              
Turbo Cowl           
Armadillo Cowl     $100
The above cowls fit the F-41 Cat & 43 Hydro                                                                   

Stryker ll Hydro Cowl

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