Rivett Thunderboat



Here is our Rivett Hydro

This was designed as a sport scale hydro, with such unique features as

carb and exhaust completely under the deck, allowing any type of cowling to be used, as

only the top of the head and spark plug extend above the deck.

Modern aerodynamic design, using angle of attack, sponson angle and crown to their full advantage.

The specs will be as follows:

Length- 46 inches

Beam- 22 inches

Weight- 14-16 pounds

Engine- Zenoah, Quickdraw, sikk

Radio- 2 channel (Rudder, Throttle)




CNC cut Birch ply and Poplar lite ply parts

Turn fin and bracket w/stainless attachment hardware

  cowling included!

Photo illustrated step by step instruction manual

 Prices $390


We also have a dropped sponson version

available, the Rockett.

Same hull, just a different deck

(easier to build, too).


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