Waterproof Radio Box for 5" rails

Designed with silicone strap for ultimate water protection.

Plastic cover secure with 4 aluminum easy grip screws with not tools required to open up the lid.

Fast Released Top Plate.

The strap comes as uninstall, and the strap provided will be enough to cover 2 times the normal usage.

This means spare strap is provided for future use. The easy grip screws are M4 threaded which M4 x 16 hex socket screws can also be used.

Kit includes:
- Radio box x 1
- Silicone strap x 1 piece (not installed)
- Lid pressure L shaped Bar x 2
- PVC cover x 1
- aluminum easy grip screws x 4
- Pair of pro style push rod seals

see picture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Waterproof Radio Box RB005 $2