Futaba 3PMX 2.4Ghz MX SS Radio/Receiver Kit



 This is the Futaba 3-Channel 3PMX Computer Radio with the
                             2.4GHz FASST System.
          Transmitter and R603FF receiver only, servos not included.
            The 3PMX is also capable of using the R603FS receiver
            to give modelers special Dual Antenna Diversity (DAD).

      **The 3PMX adds three new features; Four Wheel Steering Mixing,**
       **Digital Trim Step and Adjuster for Crawlers, Monster Trucks**
     **and any four wheel drive vehicle. These features allow drivers**
       **to apply mixing between steering, throttle and channel 3.**

FEATURES: FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) sends twice as
            much information to the receiver at eight times the resolution of
            standard systems for unsurpassed control and smooth servo travel
          2.4GHz circuitry is wired directly into transmitter eliminating
            separate plug-in modules
          "Auto Detect" instantly determines whether HRS or PPM mode is active
            in the transmitter
          Special ID code prevents signal interruption by rejecting unwanted
          Brake mixing for large cars
          Anti-skid braking system (ABS)
          Throttle Acceleration (ACC) minimizes time lag before clutch and
            brakes are connected in gasoline engine cars
          Steering speed adjusts steering servo operating speed
          Racing timer
          Function select lever function
          In addition to great performance in R/C car and truck applications,
            this system is also ideally suited to the rigors of boat racing
          10 Model Memory
          One year limited warranty through manufacturer

INCLUDES:  2.4GHz FASST Futaba 3-Channel 3PMX transmitter
                      2.4GHz FASST Futaba R603FF 3-Channel Receiver (FUTL7631)
                      ON/OFF switch harness
                      Instruction manual

REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Eight for transmitter
                     Servos of modeler's choice

SPECS: Transmitter;
              Current Drain: 250mA or less
              Transmitting Antenna: 2.4GHz

            Reception Antenna: External
            Power Requirement: 6V NiCd battery
            Size: 1.5 x 1 x 0.55" (39 x 26 x 14mm)
            Weight 0.45oz (12.8g)







Futaba R603FS 3-Channel FASST Receiver



 This is the Futaba 2.4GHz R603FS 3-Channel Receiver
with FASST Technology for use with the 2.4GHz FASST Tx Module
for the 3PK/S & 3PJ/S Radio Systems.

FEATURES: Unlike less reliable single antenna receivers, Futaba employs antenna
diversity-one internal and one external antenna on the R603FS
receiver to eliminate dead spots anywhere on the track
Receiver has Auto-Detect function to determine which mode-HRS or PPM
is active
One year limited warranty

INCLUDES: Futaba 2.4GHz R603FS 3-Channel Receiver

REQUIRES: Futaba 2.4GHz FASST Tx Module, FUTL8925

SPECS:    Reception Antenna: Diversity type (internal and external)
Power Requirement: 6V NiCd battery
DSC Function Available
Size: 1.5 x 1 x .55" (39 x 26 x 14mm)
Weight .50oz (14.1g)







  • Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 10C,placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offer an excellent blend of weight, power and performance. Available in a wide variety of capacities and voltages, there’s a battery perfect for almost any application

    Futaba Radio System 2DR, 2PH, 2PL, 3FR, 3PM, 3PK, 3PM, 3PM 2.4Ghm, 4



  • Capacity: 2200mAh

  • Continuous discharge rate: 10C

  • Voltage: 11.1V

  • Cells : 3

  • Size : 105 mm x 41 mm x 14mm

  • Weight: 140g

  • Note: Due to the difference between the measurement, the battery size and weight may have littler  error (around 3mm)






 Can get on request

Takes about 2 weeks to get


3PKS $450

4PKS $570




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