Outboard Legs



Electric outboard drive 



Machine billet aluminum outboard drive.

In use with 3/16" or 4.76mm unthreaded propellor with overall dia. less than 48mm.

In use with 5mm electric motor shaft. Silver anodized.









Arrow Shark F1-11 Outboard Drive




Lawless Outboard Drives

Cutthroat G-Drive

The Cutthroat G-Drive comes complete with everything needed to bolt on to a boat and go, except the motor, pipe, and steering linkage. It includes one flexshaft, the propshaft, motor mount, steering arm, and transom swivel mount. It also has reinforcing plates for the inside and outside of the transom, mounting screws and
nuts. It comes with the motor mount plate for standard Zenoah motors and Zen clones.




G Morty Petrol Outboard Leg 



G Morty Petrol Outboard Leg

G Morty outboard legs are build in Austrlia and Raced all over the world
They have proven themselves in race conditions to withstand the test of time

Suits 26cc Zenoah, Sikk, CRRC PRO, RCMK, QD




Lawless Outboard Drives 

 3.5 QuickShot Drive




The 3.5 QuickShot Drive can be used with K&B, Rossi, Nova Rossi, OS-21 and others. Any motor that is interchangeable with K&B will fit the standard motor mount plate, and motors such as the OS-21 that don't match can be adapted with a special plate. The 3.5 drive is also available on request WITHOUT the 4 small water holes in the lower "bullet" . This style is preferred when pressure oiling is installed, otherwise, these holes need to be plugged. Small dimples are provided as a guide, in case the water holes need to be added at a later date. The 3.5 drive weighs less than 5 ounces, complete.

 (Kit with Flex Cable & Steering Arm)
  OS Drive




OS Propshafts  $45



Lawless Outboard Drives 

 7.5 FastGun Drive




The 7.5 FastGun Drive  is available for standard K&B and compatible 7.5cc motors,  or can be purchased with a mounting plate for larger size (11cc, 13cc) K&B motors. The styling of the drives is "modular", so changes to individual parts can be made, like the motor mount plate and cavitation plate without affecting the basic design.

  The 7.5 drive weighs less than 8 ounces complete.

  (Kit with Flex Cable & Steering Arm)








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