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Cool Power Multi Viscosity Oil.

 Introducing an all-new radically redesigned fuel Cool Power MV - Multi

Viscosity Lubricant .

We see Cool Power MV as the next step in the evolution of model engine fuel.

With it’s multi-viscosity lubricant blend and MTEC combustion enhancer this fuel

will seriously outperform whatever your using... it had to if it was going to carry

the legendary Cool Power.

A combination of our benchmark high-viscosity synthetic lubricant, and our

performance enhancing low-viscosity Heli lubricant.

High-viscosity oils offer extreme protection but at a cost. The heavier weight oils

cause fluid friction if used in percentages higher than 16 to 17 percent. Fluid

friction adversely affects the performance of small engines by causing resistance

between moving surfaces; robbing power from your engine.

Low-viscosity oils generate much less fluid friction so your engine revs up faster,

but also at a cost. Lighter weight oils require higher percentages of oil for equal

protection and higher percentages of nitro are required to burn the oil.

Cool Power MV’s unique combination of two proven oils gives you the

performance of the low-viscosity lubricant and the protection of the higher-

viscosity lubricant in one fuel.

This is the kind of performance and protection you can only get from Cool Power

MV – with MTEC

MTEC’s unique combination of physical and chemical properties also slows the

flame front of the fuel making it less likely to pre-ignite. MTEC combustion

enhancer produces a more oxygen-charged mixture, which means:

Easier ignition -More complete combustion More power per combustion cycle

More flying per gallon.

Cool Power MV – with MTEC

We think you’ll see it as the perfect fuel. Grab some Cool Power MV, open the

throttle and feel the difference for yourself.

There are no comparisons….…..




Cool Power Purple Mid Viscosity Oil 3.8L $60






Cool Power Purple Mid Viscosity Oil 1L $22




  That Cool Power will mix with Nitro, Methanol & Petrol



















 NITRO Premix 4 L

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