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6.4v 1100mAh Rx Li-Fe Battery

Zippy Flightmax LiFe batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

The Zippy Flightmax 1100mAh LiFe Receiver pack provides unequalled voltage stability and lighter weight than stock receiver batteries. Ideal for the latest high torque, high speed servos that require more current.

Capacity: 1100mAh
Voltage: 6.6v
Constant discharge: 10C
Burst discharge: N/A
Weight: 64.9g
Size: 72x35x14mm
Discharge plug: EH
Balance plug: JST-XH









  • Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 10C,placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offer an excellent blend of weight, power and performance. Available in a wide variety of capacities and voltages, there’s a battery perfect for almost any application

    Futaba Radio System 2DR, 2PH, 2PL, 3FR, 3PM, 3PK, 3PM, 3PM 2.4Ghm, 4



  • Capacity: 2200mAh

  • Continuous discharge rate: 10C

  • Voltage: 11.1V

  • Cells : 3

  • Size : 105 mm x 41 mm x 14mm

  • Weight: 140g

  • Note: Due to the difference between the measurement, the battery size and weight may have littler  error (around 3mm)




6V (4 x 1.5AA) Batteries Holder




 RC Receiver Battery Indicator / Monitor / Volt Watch

4.8 Volts & 6 Volts





 RC Receiver Battery Indicator / Monitor / Volt Watch

6.4 Volts & 7.4 Volts 


LED battery voltage indicator for receivers

powered by 7.4v Lipoly or 6.6v LiFe batteries




On-board LED 3-30V Battery Voltage Checker



This voltage checker is designed for on-board use,

it can be plugged to a spare slot of your receiver,

to show your RX battery voltage.

 Dimension: 24x20x 12 mm
Weight: 6 grams
Operating Voltage: 3V to 30V per cell
Connector type: JR, compatible with Futaba
Current consumption: 4-8mA
Wire length: 20cm

This voltage checker only have two wires for input, and it using a JR connector for input, you can not connect it directly to a balance connector of a battery pack.
For the type which can plug directly to the balance connector of a battery pack,






 LCD Battery Capacity Checker Tester

for 2-7S LiPo LiFe Li-ion NiMH Nicd Battery 



Use for LiPo LiFe Li-ion NiMH Nicd battery.
Display Mode: Battery cell voltages, total voltages, lowest cell voltage,  Highest cell voltage gap between highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage,  Remaining battery capacity(%).
High quality, safe and durable.








Input cells

2-7 cells

2-7 cells

2-7 cells

4-7 cells

4-7 cells

Total Voltage

Total cell battery  capacity(0-99%)



Individual Battery cell  voltage



Lowest cell voltage



Highest cell voltage



Voltage Difference Between

Highest and lowest cell  voltages












Waterproof Locking Toggle Switch



 Waterproof locking toggle switch & Harness




Waterproof Switch


 On/Off Switch Holder (Waterproof) With Stainless Steel nob

2 O-Rings at nob to make this Switch Holder Total Waterproof




Servo Connector Safety Lock/ Clip


( 4pcs )


Power Panel



Turnigy Power Panel




The Turnigy power panel, it has all the functions a glow pilot will need including a large display Amp Meter, a remote glow starter charger, 12v Ancilliary & Glow plug output, 12v starter output and a fuel tank fill/empty switch, the unit also features large on/off switch. 4mm Banana plugs and mounting screws are also supplied.

12v Output (Field Chargers or 12v fuel pumps)
Glow Plug output with Auto current adjustment (1.2v up to 5A)
1.25v Ni-starter charging output (Charge your NiMh/Ni-cad pocket glow driver)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Fuel Reverse Switch
12v Starter Output
On/Off Switch

Size: 152mm x 92mm x 22mm
Weight: 155g









100 mm Y Harness



Custom made Harness

Just Email me with your requirements



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